Free HTTP/SOCKS Proxies List

ProxyDumpster is an automated tool to help routinely sort and test HTTP and SOCKS proxies. Submit a list of proxies and the ProxyDumpster will discard slow, unstable, or dead entries, leaving a freshly qualified and tested list of proxies. All records will be routinely qualified and ranked. The bottom 80% will be given out for free while the top 20% will be shared amongst contributors.

Use free proxies list on our proxy and get instant access to all the blocked social sites like YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter etc. You can now unblock websites through a proxy from our daily updated and fresh proxy list. We offers the largest and real time proxy server and list of free public proxies that are in working state. Check it out proxy listing below for accessing working proxy to unblock YouTube and other restricted blocked sites. Here on this proxy we are trying our best to offer you 100% fresh list 24/7. The list given on our site will make you able to remove filters from social networking sites and get connect to a free web proxy. You can surf anonymously through our proxy online with hiding your IP address. Additionally you can also remove/bypass filters from your favorite website.

Badge Description Announces Proxy Exposes IP

Highly Anonymous. The proxy does not indicate it is a proxy and does not expose the originating IP Address.


Openly Anonymous. The proxy does indicate it is a proxy, but it does not expose the originating IP Address.


Transparent. The proxy does not indicate it is a proxy and does expose the original IP Address.


Normal. The proxy indicates it is a proxy and does expose the original IP Address.


Transmuted. Content is altered when using this proxy.

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SOCKS. Proxy is SOCKet Secure oppose to HTTP.

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IP Port Location Stability Speed Badges 808 Netherlands 90% 5100 ms ANON+ 80 Singapore 90% 5100 ms ANON+ 8080 France 90% 2400 ms ANON+ 9999 Ukraine 90% 5100 ms ANON+ 8080 Serbia 90% 1560 ms ANON+ 80 Switzerland 90% 1380 ms ANON+ 1080 Egypt 90% 920 ms ANON+

Our proxy list database consists of third-party 'open proxies'; proxy servers set up for public use. We have absolutely NO control over any of these proxy servers and cannot vouch for security, therefore USE OUR DATABASE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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